4 Ways to Avoid Boring Presentations

A recent article, How to Present Effectively by Miranda Marquit believes that presentation skills are vital in today’s business world.  Learning how to present effectively is a skill that can help you excel in almost any field.

Here are tips to have a successful presentation.

1. Get in the habit of practicing.

“Practice makes thing perfect”.  Since you already have the materials for your presentation, rehearse until you feel confident and all set to deliver your presentation to your audience in a meeting space.

2. Start by getting the audience attention.

To have effective presentation, you need to get the audience attention first. Don’t start with telling who you are, but you can start by sharing an interesting fact that backups your presentation or you can ask a relevant question to get audience attention. You can also start with telling an engaging story that is relevant to the point you want to drive.

3. Use key points to emphasize your core message.

Think about three key points and use them to emphasize your core message. Your presentation should focus on those items, don’t deviate from the very core of your subject. Ensure that you gradually going through the heart of your message and your audience is all set to receive it.

4. Modulate your voice and use appropriate body language.

Using your voice and body language can be an effective way to keep your audience engagement, but don’t exaggerate it, make it natural. You can vary the tone or pitch of your voice; you can include significant pauses to change the rate of your speech and at the same time it allows you to connect with your audience. Make eye contact with audience members and smile. Make gestures that are open and inviting. If possible, move around on the stage.


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