4 Startup Goals to Set Your Business Up to Success

A recent article, How to Be an Effective Mentor (And Enjoy the Process) by Dr. Rick Goodman believes that as a professional you  reach a point in your  career that you  want to impart some of your learned experiences to the people are who are just starting out.  You want to give back, and it’s called mentoring.

Here are some tips to make your mentoring effective and fruitful.

  1. Create specific and attainable goals.

First and foremost, determine what are the goals of your mentee?  What are their issues, struggles and concerns?  Your mentoring should be designed appropriately according to their needs.  Ensure that your mentee has definite goals so you can start in the right direction.

  1. Set regular meetings and stick to it.

Mentorship would be in vain if your mentee is not committed and consistent, so ensure that you schedule regular meetings and stick to it.  Moreover, make sure to follow up or check in between meetings to keep your mentee focused and accountable. You can book in meeting space Orlando where you can hold your regular meetings.

  1. Avoid being an authoritarian. 

Mentoring is not the same as lecturing where one party is just passively listening.   Rather, it is a process where you as a mentor tell your experiences, your setbacks and challenges; and  how you overcome and succeed.  But also remember to ask questions and facilitate some back-and-forth. Allow your mentee to always play a big role in setting the agenda.

  1. Offer honest feedback.

It may be necessary to offer your mentee some tough love every now and again once you’ve established trust and confidence with them.  Providing sincere feedback, even when it hurts sometimes, will help them in the learning process.  Be willing to point out the areas where they really need improvement and honing.  Not telling your mentee about their own weaknesses is really not helping them.



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