Millennial Employees

A recent article, 6 Ways Millennials Have Impacted Corporate Office Space by Lanre Onibalusi says that Millennials are penetrating the corporate world vastly. These young, dynamic employees have   an entrepreneurial mindset, technological competence, and the utmost concern for the greater good.

To attract the best and brightest of this coveted demographic to your workplace, here are some tips to make your team office space Philadelphia as attractive to this younger generation as possible.

  1. Well designed workspace.

Carefully designing office space  that provides spaces for collaboration and spaces for focused individual work is a big plus to win millennial talents.

  1. Accessible office location.

If your business is located in a prime city, ensure you’re near to a public transportation because many rely on it for getting around.  Furthermore, some millennials just take a walk, ride in a bike, and they may even ride a skateboard to get to work , so a district that is  friendly to non-drivers, as well as places on site to lock up bikes and other non-motorized vehicles are a big factor to attract millennial employees.

  1. Eco-friendly workplace.

Plug and Play Offices in LEED certified buildings, furniture and fixtures that are made from environmentally conscious materials and an intensive drive to recycle and even compost can all go a long way in magnetizing millennial employees.

  1. Offer telecommuting.

More often, millennials would prefer to work from home. Consider a telecommuting policy, allow employees to work from home once or twice a week and set days where everyone is required to be in the office.


Employees are the backbone of your business, attracting and hiring the most talented and motivated millennial workers is a sure win.  Looking for better workspace solutions for your business in Philadelphia?  Thus, YourOffice Philadelphia is looking forward to help you win the interest of these millennial talents. YourOffice has come alongside hundreds of business looking for everything from staffed flexible offices Philadelphia to agile office space Philadelphia. We know your business is unique, and your office space shouldn’t be any different. Let us match the perfect space or service to fit your business needs.

Any other ways to attract millennial talents?  Feel free to share your comments below.  You can also visit us on Twitter and Facebook.

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