A recent article, 5 Signs You’re Talking At (Not Talking To) Your Prospects by Leslie Ye says that while speaking with your prospects is absolutely necessary to close sales, the more you talk about your product the less likely you are to actually sell it.

The four thing to avoid doing during a sale are:

You’re talking too much and not listening.

Listening is more essential for salespeople than talking.  By listening you prepare the platform of your sales process.

Not listening enough restricts your ability to sell successfully. It’s like trying to score a goal without knowing which team you play for.

You’re speaking and not asking.

It’s important to get your prospect talking as much as possible so you’re accustomed with their behaviors and problems. You won’t be able to sell to their strengths or bridge the gap in weaker areas if you don’t ask.

Dive deep into areas that are significant for your prospect and ask your prospect if they understand or just give them a chance to speak.

Your prospect isn’t engaging with you.

If your prospect’s isn’t engaging, maybe they’re mixed up because you began talking about something completely irrelevant to their situation.

Checking in with your prospect every few minutes is important to a healthy sales conversations and eventually increases your chances of closing the deal.

Your statements are generic.

If you find that you’re making universal statements and struggling to resonate, it’s because you haven’t done adequate discovery.

Though many of your sales conversations will run along the same lines, the tones and minutia of every situation will differ—dig deeper if you can’t get right to the heart of your prospect’s concerns.


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