A recent article, 4 Small Business Pain Points and How to Fix Them by Renzo Costarella says that running a small business is tough yet a very rewarding  endeavor.  Hence, take note of the following four common hurdles and do your best to resolve them.

1. Lack of Capital

Lack of or misallocation of capital is the common cause of businesses collapse. The problem with capital is that we always miscalculate how fast it’ll get exhausted. Thus, it’s vital to constantly look for capital to sustain the business.

As the business owner in a small commercial office space, it’s your decision what financing options to consider whether it’s a small business loan, line of credit, or venture capital–you need to have a few available at all times.

2. Unsteady Cash Flow

Sustaining a consistent cash flow is always hard for a small business. There are plenty of reasons for cash flow problems like debts and late payments.

To be able to collect cash on time, you can use online payment solution that provides online invoicing—this allows you to connect your bank account so your money is automatically deposited.

3. Employee Turnover

Employees are the backbone of your business, and they help your business succeed.

Employee turnover can be a very costly pain point for small businesses—Finding, testing, hiring, and training employees in a meeting space is a lengthy and taxing process.

You can conduct regular employee reviews to better understand their concerns and or suggestions. This will help you build a strong and lasting company culture.

4. Limited marketing budget

While it’s difficult to market your business on a small budget, it needs to be done to compete with other businesses.  

Content marketing, case studies and email marketing are some of the marketing strategies you can use to promote your business.


Running a small business is daunting, there understanding the pain points and how to resolve them is necessary to thrive.  Are you looking for workspace solutions within a limited budget, but offer a prestigious business address? YourOffice features a network of world-class business addresses. Each location offers beautifully appointed day offices and team office space that are fully wired and ready for you to move in and start working.

How do you effectively manage your small business? Feel free to share your thoughts.  You can also see us on Google Plus and Twitter.

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