A recent article, Four Ways for Managers to Insert Flexibility into the Workplace by Regus Blog says that flexibility is an effective means to attract the most talented employees as well as retain them.  It offers autonomy and empowerment.

Here are some simple steps to adopt flexibility options for employees to stay happy.

Ask your staff and be ready

Ask your staff what flexible means to them before the options can be implemented and be prepared to cater various requests. For instance, some employees may request flexible work hours that could alleviate stress and allow them to attend to some personal commitments. Other employees may prefer to telecommute a few days a week to avoid a long commute. 

Consider alternate work locations

Long commutes and busy traffic deter productivity and exasperate employees.  Hence, allowing your employees to work from home or if some of your employees reside in Orlando, then letting them work in an Orlando Shared Office Space a few days a week can promote more autonomy and improve their work-life balance.

Gauge performance by output

Nowadays, more businesses are adopting a (ROWE) Results Only Work Environment where employees are gauged based on output rather than number of work hours. Managers can spend more time on evaluating the quality of the completed tasks if they aren’t exhausted by closely supervising the works of employee daily activities. 

Schedule regular web based meeting or videoconferencing

Since work flexibility is a trend, keeping some remote staff connected will require the use of the best advanced technology options. Web-based project management programs and videoconferencing are some means to set regular meetings. You can check out and book HD Video Conferencing rooms for rent Downtown Orlando to stay up-to-date on all projects and office activities. 


Work flexibility is good for business –it creates a strong company culture through trust, and encourages loyalty. Employees will feel more motivated and will be grateful for the opportunity to have a flexible work/life schedule.

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