Failure to adapt

A recent article, Surefire Ways to Kill Your Company’s Culture by Mark Harrington says that many companies are committed to developing  an attractive culture for their workforce, but many seem to miss the mark when it comes to understanding the foundation of a strong culture, concentrating on superficial elements. Developing a strong culture for your company basically depends on building trust through integrity and consistency.

Here are some simple habits to avoid that will swiftly destroy a company’s culture.

Unnecessary expenditures

Unnecessary expenditures and “investments” that are not in accordance with the company goals can create problems and frustration across the organization, resulting in hostility, anxiety and doubt within the culture. The company can be in a frail position where premature funding is forced and consequently result in project cuts, employee terminations or the total collapse of the business in small office space Orlando.

Double Standards

Double standards vary from favoritism to nepotism and in many cases, many leaders have ‘blind spots’ that are rooted in favoritism that can eventually destroy the culture and organization itself. The consequences of these are lack of accountability, negligence and poor performance. This sends a message to the entire team in executive suites Orlando that the organization is comfortable with an unfair set of standards.

Weak Strategy

Lack of a valid and viable strategy yields contrasting initiatives and conflicting directions that destroy and exhaust valuable assets. It creates disorder and conflict among employees, which often results in a massive cultural deficiency.

Failure to adapt

Failure to adapt to change because management thinks they know everything, while ignoring the perspective of those employees who are experiencing the realities of day to day business. Eventually this results in frustration and disappointment and even loss of confidence in leadership.


A culture that is based on trust and integrity creates passionate, happy and loyal employees. In addition, a great workspace is a vital element of a unique company culture. YourOffice offers you a wide choice of office and workspace solutions: flexible office space, team office space and virtual office packages. You’ll have access to a complete array of office support and concierge services as well as state-of-the-art business technology.

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