Employee Productivity is an essential factor in business organization and every leader wants to walk into an office with happy and dynamic staff, that every employee is meeting deadlines and contributing a fair share to the workload. This kind of workforce can help your business thrive and take over the market share in your industry says Robert Gloer in his recent article, 5 Ways You Can Increase Employee Productivity.

Here are 4 factors to increase employee productivity and keep your employees engaged and productive in your team office space Philadelphia.

  1. Overall OfficeDesign

The general design of your office plays a significant role in your employee’s happiness and productivity. It has also a great impact on the overall health and well being of your employees. Furnishing and designing office space with complete arrays of modern equipment and productivity tools, proper ventilation, adequate lighting and air-conditioning promotes a supportive environment that will maximize your employee productivity.

  1.  Work Flexibility

While you want to make sure your employees are working at optimal levels, it’s extremely important to review the hours they spend in the workplace every week and make necessary adjustments for exceptionally busy schedules. Also, you can allow them to work remotely at least once a week from the comfort of their own home or in a coworking office space near them. Remember, even the most invested employees can become extremely stressed out, tired and disengaged when they get burnout, so work flexibility is important to manage employee productivity. 

  1. Regular Performance Appraisals

Conducting regular performance appraisals is a great way to work together with every team member to create individual and group goals, track performance and give your feedback. This way, the top performers will get positive feedback, encouraging them to continue in their work efforts, while others can get support and training to improve in their weakest areas.

  1. Career Growth and Advancement

One of the best ways to boost employee productivity and engagement is to acknowledge your employee’s effort and dedication at work. And one of the best ways to show your recognition and appreciation is help them advance in their career in line with your industry. A company that gives a lot of value in helping their staff grows in their careers by promoting from within will have the best results in productivity improvement.

There are numerous ways that you can foster productivity and engagement in your office. However, as a leader you need to be involved in every aspect of your business and get your staff motivated through your leadership.  So if you are looking for better workspace solutions for your business in Philadelphia, YourOffice offers you a wide choice of office and workspace solutions: Philadelphia flexible office space, Philadelphia team office space and Philadelphia virtual office packages. You’ll have access to a complete array of office support and concierge services as well as state-of-the-art business technology.


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