Remote Workforce

A recent article, Overcoming 4 Big Challenges of Managing Remote Employees by Saige Driver believes that number of people working remotely will continue to rise as more businesses try to improve work-life balance.  

Companies with a remote workforce can save money on office space and equipment while increasing their overall productivity. Nevertheless, it entails a set of unique challenges, and addressing them should be a top priority to keep their employees engaged.

1. Employee trust

A successful flexible work arrangement ultimately comes down to trust. Trust is earned, and it’s earned over time and it’s a two way process. Trust that your remote workers are doing what they ought to do even if you’re not always there to check in. Trust that you’re there to help them solve problems and give direction as required.

2. Communication

While it’s easier to communicate effectively with your staff working in the office, you can’t let your remote team members working from home or renting a temporary mobile office space become “out of sight, out of mind.”  Documenting and writing down all procedures will keep all your employees informed. Using collaboration tools can help a scattered team work together efficiently.

3. Tracking productivity

While many remote workers are self-motivated, some will take advantage of the fact that there’s no boss to oversee them.  Establish metrics and goals to monitor the productivity of your remote workforce.

4. A unified company culture

Remote workers enjoy the flexibility of their jobs, but they also want to be part of office culture. If possible, plan to have your remote workers come into the office every once in a while. Or if they can’t come personally, you can book and rent one of the best meeting rooms rental to conduct regular virtual meetings so everyone feels connected.


These are the four challenges you need to overcome to really benefit from having a remote workforce.  If you’re looking for coworking office spaces for your business in Denver, YourOffice  Denver offers you a wide choice of office and workspace solutions: virtual office space Denver, meeting room access, and coworking office space Denver. You’ll have access to a complete array of office support and concierge services as well as state-of-the-art business technology.

How do you manage your remote staff?  Let’s see your thoughts.  You can also visit us on Twitter and Google Plus.

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