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A recent article, 4 Mistakes Really Nice Leaders Make by Peter Barron Stark shows the importance of a good relationship between leaders and employees.  However, leaders who try to please everyone often times sacrifice good decisions.

Differentiating being nice from doing what is right is very important. Here are four major mistakes to avoid as you draw a line between being nice and being a well respected leader.

  1. Tolerating problem employees

Leaders who want to please everyone tend to be more lenient to problem employees. They choose to manage by “hoping-and-hinting.” First, they hope the problem employees will eventually improve their attitudes and performances without intervention. When this doesn’t happen, they drop a hint. Instead of training, counseling, and dismissing employees who don’t want to improve, overly nice leaders disregard the problems or transfer the difficult employees to another department.

  1. Inconsistent performance standards

Oftentimes, nice leaders are reluctant to establish and maintain high standards for performance. They drop their standards when employees protest against their high expectations. Nice managers who have a strong desire to be liked will listen to their employees and make adjustments accordingly.

  1. Not attending to problems promptly

As part of the hope-and-hint plan, nice leaders choose to wait, hoping that the circumstance will improve on its own. If problems are not solved promptly, problems within a department or organization get worse and morale suffers-blaming each other.

  1. Rewarding all equally for unequal performance

When rewards are not based upon performance, top performer’s confidence and commitment suffers because the reward system is unfair. Morale suffers when there is no distinction between top performers and low performers.


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