As a product manager or a business owner, it’s always your task to listen to customer feedback (whether negative or positive), to have a better understanding of their wants and needs, and thereby improve your products or services. However, in an article, 5 Ways Product Managers Can Get Closer to Their Customers in the Cloud by Megan Rees Ahigian says that methods like surveys, feedback forms, focus groups, etc. are oftentimes expensive and time consuming to prepare and manage.

Here are alternative ways to get your customer’s feedback to help improve your products or services.

  1. Meet your sales team. 

Your sales team have direct interactions with your customers almost every day, thus can quickly and easily provide you a comprehensive picture of your consumer’s attitudes, needs, complaints, issues, etc. Schedule a conversation with your sales team in a meeting space and listen to them about the features they want to improve or add in your products.

  1. Follow customers on social media.

Many consumers use social media like Instagram,Twitter and Facebook to share their comments and feedback to the public about their experience in your product or service. Thus, using this information will provide you a clear and consistent understanding of how they consider your product or service.

  1. Always Take time to Ask Why.

Sometimes customer feedback can seem irrelevant, inappropriate or immaterial, but remember, “Customer is always right”.  Take time to ask why before dismissing it.  Find out what’s their demand and ask why they want it. Their feedback will give you the idea to assess the necessity of their request.

  1. Patronize Your Own Product.

Patronizing your own product will give you personal experience about the product and you will understand your customer feedback objectively.  Using your own product will provide you honest feedback, and allowing you to give recommendations for improving it further.


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