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A recent article, How to Motivate Your Team When You’re Demotivated by Paul Keijzer says that as a leader, there are times you feel tired and the heavy weight of responsibility burn you out. Nevertheless, you need to get over it so you can continue to inspire and lead your team.

Here are ways you can motivate yourself and your team as well.

1. Reminisce past wins

List down all past undertakings you’ve had in your career with your present organization. Talk to your team who helped you in some of these accomplishments, (perhaps you can book a meeting room) and recollect with them. You’ll realize that talking about past triumphs with people who shared it with you is a great way to refuel your motivation.

2. Take it outside

Spending several hours everyday with your team in the same office space just seeing each other at work and talking only about work may create and escalate tension. So before it happens, take a break from work. Go on a team building activity that permits you to change the atmosphere, talk about anything under the sun and renew bonds. A renewed connection with your team will not only motivate you again, but it’ll also strengthen your leadership.

3. Go on a vacation

Going on vacation is a great way to refresh your energy and get much needed rest and relaxation–to renew your enthusiasm for work and be motivated again. While you’re on a vacation, advise your team to do a better job than they usually do. In this manner, you show your trust and belief in their abilities by giving them ownership of situations and challenges while you’re away. Essentially, you’re taking a break from work not only to return motivated yourself, but also to a highly motivated team.


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