Office Space

Focus on do’s, instead of dont’s
You can set clear expectations for your team in a way that is encouraging, as opposed to burdensome. Even if people agree with a “don’t” statement, over time, the use of negative statements as a training technique, will take a toll on your employees. It will be much harder to inspire your team toward what they can achieve, if you are a leader that is known for always saying “don’t do this” or “don’t do that.” Of course, there are times when a don’t statement is necessary, but try to use it sparingly. You will be much more likely to raise up resourceful leaders by focusing on what you want from your team, rather than what you don’t want.

Monthly check-ins
The interview should not be the last time your employee has a one-on-one meeting at your business. Employees who feel valued at their job, are much more likely to stay motivated and dedicated at work. Also, the more your team is able to grow and develop skills, the better your business will run. Therefore, you need to check in with your employees on a consistent basis. If your company is too large, or spread out over multiple locations, delegate check-ins to a trusted leader. Elect or hire a department chair or team lead that can oversee each division of  your company and serve as an advocate for your employees. It is important to choose division leaders that are knowledgeable about the division they are serving. Check-ins should be in a private meeting room and allow time for the employee to ask questions or express concerns. If the employee needs more training or is experiencing trouble in the workplace, the division lead can inform you, so that you can action.

 Implement team building strategies
This can be can be as small as putting together a Secret Santa gift exchange during the winter holiday, or as big as organizing a company retreat. Choose the strategies that work best for your team dynamic. It’s important to create a positive work environment for your employees and team building is a great way to establish a culture of teamwork and community within your company. Many businesses that boast a healthy turnover rate, are businesses that have put in the effort to create a comfortable work space for their employees.

You know your business best
An important part of being a great leader and a great boss is knowing how to set your team up for success. If your business environment or location needs a change, consider partnering with YourOffice. YourOffice has come alongside hundreds of business looking for everything from plug and play offices to full service virtual offices. Your business is unique, and your office space shouldn’t be any different. Contact YourOffice and let them match the perfect space or service to fit your business needs.

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