Clear communication with your most vital audiences is a key factor to run a successful business. That’s why, good communication skills are required to keep your business, according to  Michelle Van Slyke in her article  The 3 Types of Communication You Need to Maintain Your Business.

Here are 3 types of communication for your business success –  most important audiences you need to communicate clearly with.  

1.  Yourself.  

Start with yourself – be honest and transparent to yourself.  New Year is the best time to take account of yourself and evaluate your last year’s performance and how it affects your business. Did you accomplish your goals?  You can ask for honest feedback and opinion from your team members, friends and customers to help you determine the areas that need improvement. Talk to yourself honestly about what you can improve personally and professionally to help you accomplish your goals. Put your goals in writing to make them more concrete and help you create a strategic plan to improve your business processes. 

2. Your Team.

Once you have clearly defined the areas for improvement and have a strategic plan to propel your business growth, gather your team in a  meeting space to discuss and clearly communicate with them your course of action.  Keeping your team in the loop ensures that everyone is on the same page and provides them a sense of ownership in the success of the business.  

3. Your Clients.

The clients are the heart of every business, so it is very crucial to clearly communicate what your business can offer to satisfy their wants and needs.  Include your clients in your self-evaluation process and ask for their honest feedback on the experience they have with your business.  Their feedback can provide vital information to improve and grow your business.  


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