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A recent article, Office Design? You Need to Do These 3 Things To Reduce Employee Distractions  by Andre Lavoie says that distractions in your workplace can hurt the entire organization, hence your office design plays a significant role in your business productivity and success. 

Here are some tips to create an environment that reduces distractions and promotes productivity.

  1. Ask for input from employees. Get your employees feedback and try to step into their shoes to get a more clear understanding of what is causing so much distraction. These comments can provide solutions to improve your office design and empower your workforce to stay focused and productive.
  2. Create an environment that is conducive to collaboration as well as private work. While open space offices similar to Lake Mary Coworking Office Space and Lake Mary Shared Office Space are popular and best for collaborative projects, you may also need to provide and designate exclusive work areas away from noise just like Lake Mary Executive Office space. This will help employees who need to escape their desk for a while to deeply engage and concentrate on important and delicate tasks.
  3. Provide tools to filter out distractions.
  • Provide your employees with noise-cancelling headphones so they can avoid neighboring noises.
  • Share performance data to determine what kinds of tasks are complex for each worker and what time of day concentration starts to decline.
  • Utilize tools like Focus to block distractions and improve your employees’ productivity, and StayFocusedthat restricts time spent on unnecessary websites. This way, employees won’t be able to spend as much time on Facebook or other Social Media sites. Obviously, this will reduce distractions and promote focus on important work items.
  • Consider platforms and programs that teach time-management, such as Kanbanand Pomodoro which help employees to focus on single tasks, as opposed to multitasking.


Workplace distractions cannot be completely eliminated, but can be reduced by following these three simple tips.  If you’re looking for ways to help you and your staff focus on the core of your business, then YourOffice provides a supportive environment focused on maximizing your productivity. We’re here to help you realize your goals and achieve your best business results.

How do you keep your team focused on their tasks?  Let’s see your comments. Feel free to visit us also on Twitter and Facebook.

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