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A recent article, 5 Ways Product Managers Can Get Closer to Their Customers in the Cloud by Megan Rees Ahigian discusses that the primary responsibility of a product manager is to have an extensive understanding on how to keep customer satisfaction through surveys, feedback forms, advisory boards, etc.  but usually these methods are costly and time-consuming to prepare and manage.

Listed below are alternative steps to obtain high quality information of your customer’s perspective to help improve your products or services.

Leverage your sales team. Your sales team in Philadelphia Team Office Space has direct interactions with customers every day so by discussing with them, you can quickly gain insights into the way customers use your products, and you’ll be able to find features that need improvement. For instance, you can rent a meeting room in meeting space Philly and invite your team to product planning meetings and let them join the ones they find significant. They can identify what features win in demos, during implementation, and during ongoing customer use.

Follow customers on social media. Nowadays, customers are using social media to share/tweet their feedback about a product or service they are using, so follow your customers on social media to get a clear and consistent understanding of how they consider or experience your product.

Always ask why. The customer feedback/request is sometimes irrelevant or inappropriate, but don’t ignore it.  Try to find out the reason behind the request and ask for suggestions—how it will benefit them and how they would use it. That will provide you the perspective you need in order to assess the true worth/value of their request.


Customers are the essence of any business and therefore a prestigious business address speaks prominence that can attract customers. YourOffice features a network of world-class business addresses. Each location offers both beautifully appointed short term offices and permanent individual office space. Our offices are move-in ready and equipped with top furnishings and technology that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

How do you maintain your customer satisfaction?  Let’s hear your thoughts and comments below.  You can also visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

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