In an article, 4 Small Business Pain Points and How to Fix Them by Charles Brown says that running your own small business is a dream comes true, but it is not an easy endeavor. You will experience ups and downs, highs and lows during your business journey.

Here are the three small business challenges that you should understand and how you can address them.

  1. Inadequate Capital

The most common cause why a small business fails is the lack of or misuse of capital. Most of the time we miscalculate how fast the capital will get exhausted, so it is very critical to always look for capital to maintain the business. So as a business owner, you need to always have a few available financing options. An accountant can help you with making the right decision, so you can book a meeting room to discuss what option is best for your business, whether it is a line of credit, small business loan, venture capital, etc. 

  1. Inconsistent Cash Flow

A consistent cash flow is difficult to maintain in a small business due to some factors like debts and late payments. Thus, if you don’t have reserve funds or if your cash in bank is insufficient, it can impede the whole business operation.  In order to avoid late payments from customers, you can use online payment solution that offers online invoicing.  This allows you to connect to your depository bank so your money is automatically deposited.

  1. Employee Turnover

Employees are the backbone of your business. The hiring process is taxing and time consuming, thus one of the biggest challenges for small businesses is the employee turnover.  To reduce turnover rate, you can conduct a regular employee review to better understand their problems, concerns and suggestions, and consider those feedback in building a strong and unique company culture.


Understanding the business challenges and how to address them can help you launch a thriving business. If you are looking for workplace solutions to launch your small business in Philadelphia, YourOffice Philadelphia offers you a wide choice of office and workspace solutions: small office space Philadelphia, executive suites Philadelphia and meeting space Philadelphia. You’ll have access to a complete array of office support and concierge services as well as state-of-the-art business technology.

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