3 Ways to Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media

A recent article, 3 Telltale Signs of Toxic Company Culture – and What to Do About It by Caitlin Zucal says that a strong and healthy company culture starts at the top. Hence, business leaders must be aware of flagging signs and take precautionary measures to ensure company culture is secured.

Here are three manifestations of an unhealthy company culture and what to do about it.

  1. Everyone looks out for themselves instead of teamwork.

The major cause of weak company culture and puts your business at stake is knowledge hoarding– a condition that definitely makes innovation and expansion unattainable.

Encourage employees to share new ideas with leadership. Look for meeting rooms for rent and brainstorm with your employees and create team building activities to promote collaboration and teamwork. You can also use buddy system to achieve better efficiency and productivity at the same time building rapport among employees.

  1. Unhappy employees.

Employees that are not happy are disengaged and always complaining. These people are burdensome, they don’t just lack energy – they drain energy from others as well.  Their negative attitudes result in a contagious deviation from a company’s mission and vision—they push away even the most dedicated employees.

Conduct one-on-ones at least twice a month to appraise and evaluate employee morale and to prevent problems from escalating.

  1. Confused and disoriented employees.

Lack of communication results to misunderstanding despite announcements and meetings and can result in mistrust, uncertainty, and unnecessary pressure among employees. Employees are uninformed of what is really happening in the entire organization. 

Promote an open door policy that allows employees to share ideas, build relationships, and feel that their ideas and feedback matter.


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