A recent article, What Differentiates an Exceptional Boss from the Rest by Roy Osing says that mind-blowing leaders don’t adhere to the generally accepted leadership rules. They don’t practice the theory of leadership the way other leaders do. They are not complex individuals yet exceptional bosses and are unique in their approach to attract followers.

Here are some of their secret principles:

  1. They like people more than the leadership theory and practice.
  2. They offer help in the workplace.
  3. They ask for assistance when they are in trouble.
  4. They apologize when they screw up.
  5. They believe and trust that their employees show up to do their job well.
  6. They understand the relationship between the company goal and the role of each employee.
  7. They completely recognize that the workers passion and engagement assume big part in business success.
  8. They use brief and simple words in advancing their business plan.
  9. Their calendar is left with little time to do much else.
  10. They bring smile and laughter to crack the seriousness of most workday moments in agile offices.
  11. They are awesome storytellers; they use actual events to highlight what is important and expected behavior.
  12. They don’t need to be praised but instead they praise others lavishly.
  13. They are true to their promises.
  14. They have incredible memory for names of employees and their achievements.
  15. They believe that nothing is perfect, it is a pipe dream and unattainable.


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