The amount of money that you will need to open and operate a YourOffice Center depends on the size of the facility, the condition of the market that you choose, how you structure your financing, the strength of your financial profile and your overall performance operating the business. As a general range, we expect the total cash requirement to open a YourOffice Center to range from $200K to $500K, but it could be more.

Many of our franchise partners borrow money to start their business. Borrowing from friends and family or against other assets is a great way to get started. Many of our franchise partners bring equity partners as well.

We encourage “active” vested owner involvement in the business. We have found that the best-performing centers are those with an owner directly involved in the operation, whether that individual is the primary financial partner or not. Although some of our franchise partners manage all the day-to-day operations of their centers, many find that their specific interests and talents are best applied to certain roles, and additional personnel are trained to manage the roles. Developing key personnel is essential to developing and operating multiple locations. The franchise partner is expected to assume ultimate responsibility for the performance of the business.

YourOffice clients include national and multinational corporations, high-growth regional companies, independent consultants, sales reps, entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, mobile and remote workers and many other professionals. The one thing they will have in common is a need for a productive and professional environment that can serve as a base for their working life.

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that incorporates best practices built on the depth of experience of our management team, a proven system and specific insight into the dynamics of your local market.

A good location is a significant ingredient to the long-term development of a successful YourOffice Center. We’ll help you to identify the best locations among the alternatives in your local market. Our review will include numerous factors, such as demographics, commercial real estate trends, transportation, residential growth and development, small business growth, to pinpoint the best possible location for a successful center. Let’s start with a simple question: Where would you want to have your office and why? You’ve likely heard about the 3 L’s: Location, Location, Location. Because YourOfficeUSA provideds a location-based product and service, our business is no exception.

Our centers are typically between 10,000 and 30,000 square feet in size.

Like all franchises in the United States, we are restricted by the Federal Trade Commission in the kind of claims we can make on how much money you will earn. Rest assured that you will have an answer to this question before you sign your agreement. We will work closely with you to make sure that you have access to all the necessary information you need to answer this question for yourself.

Our training program teaches you everything you need to know to operate your center-from site selection and facility construction to marketing, sales and operations. We’ll guide you through every step, from development of your first center to opening and managing multiple locations. As soon as you sign your franchise agreement, you will receive our Center Opening Process manual, which you will use as a reference as we walk you through every step of the opening process. In addition, you will receive full week of classroom training at our corporate offices, three days of hands-on training in an operating center, an additional full week of on-site training at your location, additional manuals and ongoing support for you and your staff for the life of your business.

If you already own or are purchasing a suitable location, we’ll be happy to explore the development and feasibility of a YourOffice Center for your building. Converting all or part of a building to a YourOffice Center can substantially enhance the free cash flows from your building compared with conventional office leasing. In many cases, when working directly with a building owner, we can consider various arrangements as alternatives to the traditional franchise partnership.

Yes. We are strong supporters of the multi-unit ownership model. Whether you are ready to develop multiple units now or five years down the road, we offer various incentives to make that plan a reality for all our franchise partners. We recognize that a great franchise partner is a hard to find, and we’d love to have them at the helm of as many units as they can support. In addition, we offer a limited number of exclusive-territory area development agreements to qualified candidates looking to establish market clusters on an aggressive development schedule. Discuss this further with us to see if you are a candidate for one of these opportunities.

One of the most attractive qualities of this concept is the ease of managing the human resources side of the business. All your employees will be professional businesspersons looking for a good opportunity in a clean professional environment. As a result, you can expect to interact with and manage a professional staff with a minimal turnover. Our typical center with an on-site owner/operator will open with one to two employees and grow to three to five employees at full capacity, depending on the size of the center.

The time required depends on the availability of suitable sites and the overall condition of commercial office space in your market. Site selection and lease negotiation can take anywhere from a month to a year. Typically, once you have signed a lease on your site, it will take between three and five months to open your center.

When you compare YourOfficeUSA to most other franchised businesses, we are truly set apart in professionalism, lifestyle and financial rewards. Consider some of the unique benefits, and we are confident that you will agree:

· A sophisticated business clientele

· Civilized office hours

· A stimulating professional work environment

· Fewer employees to mange

· Recurring monthly revenues through contracts

· Part of an expanding trend, marketplace and need

· A superior quality life

· Superior returns on a midlevel investment

· Collaboration with other like-minded professional franchise partners

· Support by deeply experienced support and development team industry leaders


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